Spotlight: Wind Energy

Did you know that wind energy is a form of solar energy? Learn more about renewable energy as we spotlight wind power!

Carbon Asset Risks

What is a Carbon Asset Risk? Don’t let the complex relationship between climate change, business and investment puzzle you. Read more in today’s post!

Climate Change and Investment

Don’t let climate change foil your investment portfolio! Learn more about the relationship between climate change and investment.

Improve Your Building’s Energy Efficiency

Improve your business and help the environment with Legend Power Systems! Easily one of the largest costs to societies around the world, both economically and environmentally, is the operation of buildings. Buildings, regardless of their use, require energy in order for them to function usefully and successfully. However, it is possible to steer building operation to a more efficient future. Legend … Read More

Sustainable Energy for All (Infographic)

The World Bank explains a vision for sustainable energy for all. Made up of five different institutions, The World Bank is an organization that seeks to “end extreme poverty within a generation and boost shared prosperity.” While these are two of the group’s main goals, the organization is also interested in supporting and improving the state of energy consumption and efficiency … Read More

Why Coal Companies Are Collapsing

What’s up with the coal industry?
Not much! Read on for a podcast that takes a look at the “spectacular collapse of the coal industry…”