Why 2°C?

Why is 2°C the threshold for maximum temperature change for global warming?

The Value of Low Carbon Investment

There is a complex relationship between climate change, business and investment, and reducing carbon emissions is vital to, not only our climate, but also to our economy. As more scientific research uncovers evidence of climate change and as government actions strengthen, investors and financiers are reducing the exposure of their portfolios to risks from rising greenhouse-gas emissions. They are allocating more capital … Read More

Businesses and Climate Week 2015

That’s a wrap for Climate Week 2015 and it seems that businesses are the new climate activists! This is a very good thing. There must have been something in the New York air this year during Climate Week as businesses have stepped up their commitments to sustainable action. Hundreds of corporate executives, government diplomats and activists came together this September … Read More

FSC vs Recycled Paper

When you need paper, which kind should your business use? Whether it’s a big or small change, taking steps towards more sustainable business practices are essential to our environment and will add to any corporate social responsibility programs. Ideally, businesses should strive to go digital and paperless. Not only will these efforts save money in the long run, but they will … Read More

Science-Based Carbon Targets

As our emissions grow, so does the temperature of the world. Learn more about science-based carbon targets and how the private sector can make a difference…