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Your business starts with safe and satisfied occupants which drive your revenue. Your occupants depend on your building’s systems to keep them safe and satisfied. Your systems depend on electricity which is volatile by nature. If your incoming power causes your systems to malfunction or fail, your ability to keep your occupants safe and satisfied is restricted.

Triple Net Leases need a balance of high occupancy, satisfied lease renewals, market demand, and low Op costs to maximize revenue. We analyze where and how poor electricity is harming your business performance, then continuously optimize your power and business results.

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Occupant Safety & Satisfaction

Building Management is the #1 aspect in tenant satisfaction and tenant satisfaction drives occupancy and renewals. Electricity impacts most systems that create satisfied occupants.

Revenue Protection

Triple Net leases need a balance of high occupancy, satisfied renewals, market demand and Low Op costs in order to maximize rental rates and increase revenue. Building systems with poor power have a shorter lifetime and require more maintenance, resulting in higher drive up Op costs and damaged NOI, NAV and rental rates.

Cost Reduction

Traditional building power fluctuations cause minor malfunctions to a full system failure, resulting in unbudgeted repair and replacement needs. Volatile power wasted energy and many regional GHG penalties. This drives up costs and drives down occupancy renewal rates.

Financial Results

Maximized revenue comes from positive occupant experience and lower operating expenses. Optimal systems show fewer failures and malfunctions, combined with lower electricity costs and reduced operating expenses. Net income is protected and occupant experience is increased.

Increased Value

Better power drives revenue protects lease renewals and reduces cost. Market leadership and differentiation plus valuation escalation are a result of optimal power, information, and performance.

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Increased Value


Revenue Protection


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