Improve Your Business Performance by Optimizing Your Power

Find high-value impact opportunities to understanding how power impacts the value of your business.

Power Impact Visualized

The Legend Power® Power Impact Report™ is designed to create visibility to the full impact power has on the performance of your organization. However, not all power is equal. Poor power can impact your critical building and safety systems, which impacts your revenue, your expenses, your profitability and ultimately your valuations.


We use your specific building’s actual power data and available 3rd party research and calculations to predict your building’s performance in 3 critical areas – efficiency, lifetime and reliability.


When systems malfunction or fail, they have an exponential impact. Not only do you pay to repair or replace the equipment, but it impacts the people who depend on your building. Systems like HVAC, Air Filtration, Elevators, Life/Safety Systems, Occupancy Sensors, and more.

Occupant Safety & Satisfaction

  • Higher satisfaction rates
  • Higher retention rates
  • Higher Occupancy

Energy Efficiency

  • Lower Energy Cost
  • Less GHG Emission

Lower Operating Costs

  • Lower Energy Cost
  • Lower Maintenance Costs
  • Fewer Unbudgeted Spends
  • Longer Asset Life

Financial Gains

  • Better Revenue
  • Lower Costs
  • Higher Profits
  • Higher Valuations


Improving your facility’s electrical conditions will have a direct and immediate impact on your revenue through increased satisfaction rates, increased profitability through lower operating expenses through energy savings and reduced equipment interruption and/or replacement costs.

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