We offer a new ECM for market differentiation and maximized savings – resulting in better win rates, savings predictions, and increased company value.

Adding Legend’s SmartGATE to your offering can increase your overall energy savings giving you a better chance of winning deals. With strong financials and tremendous predictability, the SmartGATE can increase your wins, margins, and overall performance, all while protecting the uptime and lifetime of the other ECM’s in your solution.

Outcomes with Legend

Occupant Safety & Satisfaction

Building Management is the #1 aspect in tenant satisfaction and tenant satisfaction drives occupancy and renewals. Electricity impacts most systems that create satisfied occupants.


Save more than ever before with the latest ECM. 4-6% new energy savings means more wins and better retention, differentiating ECM from the other ESCO’s. Plus, an optional protection bundle allows you to protect other added ECM’s, to ensure maximum performance.

Predictable Savings

99.7% accuracy rate in savings predictions, with Active Power Management, energy waste, maintenance, and repair costs are reduced with standardized IOMVO M&V Protocols with CMVP certified results. Your long-term savings are ensured.

Margin Optimization

With our savings guarantee, we offer a 3-year warranty and available service plan options to extend the warranty to 20 years. Adding solid financials to your building’s plan, larger purchases are offset, longer paybacks are assured.


Turning electricity into data enables better reporting and cost control and enhances revenue protection – coming together as bottom-line profit, driving company value with optimal performance.

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Increased Value


Revenue Protection


GHG Reduction

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