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Through experience and research, we analyze your building power condition, verify your building performance, and solve your power challenges, resulting in optimized tenant satisfaction and maximized business performance.

By optimizing your power, we optimize the safety and satisfaction of your tenants. Additionally we help lower operating costs like electric bills and maintain / repair / replace costs.

Many customers leverage their investment in the SmartGATE solution to qualify for AGI (Above Guideline Increases) for regions with regulated rental rates.

Occupant Safety & Satisfaction

Building Management is the #1 aspect in tenant satisfaction and safety and tenant satisfaction drives occupancy and renewals. Electricity impacts most building systems that result in safe and happy occupants.


Building systems with poor power have a shorter lifetime and require more maintenance, resulting in higher drive up Op costs and slow resident issue response time. This affects tenant satisfaction, market rates, and renewals. The outcome is decreased revenue.

Cost Reduction

Traditional building power systems fluctuate, causing minor malfunctions to a full system failure, resulting in unbudgeted repair and replacement needs. This drives up costs and decreases tenant satisfaction.


Optimal systems show fewer failures and malfunctions, combined with lower electricity costs and reduced operating expenses. Net income is protected, occupant experience is increased and revenue maximizes.


Tenant satisfaction, revenue protection, and cost reduction come together to drive valuation and increased market leadership. Optimal power, information, and performance are the foundation of the differentiating leaders of ESG programs.

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Revenue Protection


GHG Reduction

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