Technical Overview


Active Power Management System for
Commercial Buildings


For the technical team, the SmartGATE active energy management system installs after the meter in line with your switchgear. Using our patented technology, we extract a percentage of the load, convert and analyze it, rebuild the waveform, and then inject it back into your system. This provides full voltage regulation (+/- 8%) to your exact specification, on each phase individually to address the main power attributes that impact system reliability, lifetime, and efficiency. All focused on reducing energy consumption while creating optimal power for optimal performance with a footprint designed for today’s buildings.



The SmartGATE analyzes and corrects the power coming into the building in real time. The system is installed in series with the electrical service, providing a voltage adjustment up to +/- 8%. The patented topology of the system allows for efficiency greater than 99.5% across the operating range.

The core of the system is comprised of 2 transformers, an active bridge, and a control system. The control system analyzes the individual voltage waveform and computes the ideal correction. The first transformer extracts up to 10% of the system power while the active bridge constructs the required waveform correction as determined by the control system. The second transformer is used to inject the corrected waveform back into the building connection. SmartGATE is the only complete power quality management solution sized and priced for commercial building applications.

Available Features:

Full voltage regulation ±8%, Phase Balance Improvements, Voltage Buck up to – 8%, Voltage Boost up to +8%, Sag mitigation, Swell mitigation, and Power Factor Improvements.

Each SmartGATE is configured to each power feed to improve power quality and save energy.

Full Voltage Regulation:

Buck and Boost voltage regulation ±8% of supply, holding voltage to a near constant level on a cycle-by-cycle basis. Reduces energy consumption while increasing equipment reliability and life-expectancy.

Phase Balancing:

±8% phase-by-phase voltage buck and boost regulation – regulating each phase independently to produce balanced three phase power. Reducing operating temperature of three phase loads, increasing efficiency and extending equipment life-expectancy.

Voltage Boost:

+8% voltage boost, responding to a voltage sag and reduction within 1 cycle. Mitigates and protects equipment from malfunction and failure during voltage sags – extending voltage ride through envelope.

Voltage Reduction:

Automatic voltage reduction in discreet increments, including a 0% bypass step, to produce a controlled voltage reduction to reduce a building’s energy usage.

SmartGATE Insights™ Module:

Features – 38 Power Quality Parameters, 1-minute increments, web portal for dashboard and portfolio-wide visualizations.

Technical Specifications