Overvoltage is a problem.

Your building currently receives more voltage than it’s supposed to. This causes you to spend more on power than necessary and damages your electrical equipment. It also means your building has more of a negative impact on the environment than it could. Almost every building suffers from overvoltage to varying degrees. Only remote buildings in remote locations are far enough away for the voltage level to be naturally safe.


The SmartGATE™ stops overvoltage.

It measures the incoming supply and tunes it down to the right amount. By dynamically throttling voltage, your building uses less power. You pay less because you use less. Your electrical equipment lasts its full useful life because the voltage supply matches the voltage demand. Your building is greener and has less of an impact on the environment.


The solution to overvoltage.

The SmartGATE™ is different from anything else on the market today. A solution to overvoltage didn't exist... so Legend Power® invented it. We can understand your curiosity and desire to learn more.

We’re here to help.

How does it work?

The SmartGATE™ measures the incoming voltage from the grid. It knows the maximum savings your electrical equipment will allow and tunes the voltage down as much as it can. Voltage from the grid often fluctuates so the SmartGATE™ dynamically compensates in real time.

Even if the voltage naturally pops down to the optimum level, the system goes into a bypass state to let everything through. So your building will always get what it needs while saving the most amount of money possible.




The five star system.

Who’s affected by overvoltage? Everybody. Some buildings are affected more than others, but every system we’ve installed saves the building owner money on power. Prior to purchase, all of our customers receive a report including a star rating evaluating how much they are likely to save. The more stars, the more your building benefits from voltage optimization.


Become a Partner.

Look out on a city skyline dotted with buildings big and small. Every building you see suffers from overvoltage and consequently uses more electricity than it needs to. Legend Power is a best-in-class manufacturer of industrial-grade electrical equipment and we want to partner with you to help more people access our game changing technology. Whether you are an installer, an energy services provider, Utility, or engineer, let’s work together to help buildings use less power.

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Become an Owner.

Like many other successful technology companies, Legend Power is traded on the TSX-V stock exchange. Our symbol is TSX-V:LPS and our ownership is a combination of independent investors, customers, and employees. Joining the Legend family is more than just an investment in your future. It’s an investment in clean technology that saves energy and makes the world a better place for today and tomorrow.

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