Better power makes buildings better


Your buildings are dependent on the electric grid. Utilities deliver a coarse and variable product to their customers resulting in common power quality issues such as sags, swells, over and under voltage and phase unbalance. These conditions affect your core systems - elevators, HVAC, controllers, motors and more - playing a major role in occupant experience and your finances.


Poor power quality causing problems? Probably!


Watch our video to see why, and how SmartGATE protects your building from the grid.



The SmartGATE™ solution improves power management


SmartGATE™ is a power management platform that analyzes and auto-corrects common building power challenges, reducing risk to systems and eliminating wasted expenditures. Legend’s leadership position is the result of our heritage of energy expertise, and continuous, customer-driven innovation. With a decade of development, 5 years in-market and over 300 systems placed with top brands like IKEA, BC Hydro, Oxford Properties and many other leading organizations, the SmartGATE platform is transforming onsite power management.


How does it work?

The SmartGATE™ platform automatically visualizes, analyzes and corrects power as it enters your building, solving major power issues before they damage your critical systems.

SmartGATE is two key components: SmartGATE Insights™ is industry-grade metering and analytics that analyzes and displays your power quality issues and waste (including energy and carbon) so the system knows exactly what to correct.

The SmartGATE™ itself combines proprietary intelligence and control technology to then manage the actual corrections in real-time via electronic switching and an extremely efficient auto-transformer.

By finally making industry-proven power management approaches available in a smaller, commercially-viable footprint and price, SmartGATE is transformational technology.




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