We analyze your educational building’s power performance, turn the data into continuously improving solutions, optimizing student and staff safety and satisfaction.

Outcomes with Legend

Student and Staff Safety and Satisfaction

School building systems rely on optimal power to perform and optimization of these systems drives staff and student safety and satisfaction. Staff and Student safety and satisfaction drive the reputation needed to fuel school growth.

Cost Reduction

Reducing cost is critical for educational organizations and volatile energy increases operating costs for maintenance, repair, and equipment replacement – which are often unbudgeted. Improving the power for each building increases safety and satisfaction and reduces costs.

Energy Efficiency

The natural state of incoming power creates energy waste. With Active Power Management, energy waste, maintenance, and repair costs are reduced with standardized IOMVO M&V Protocols with CMVP certified results. Your long-term savings are ensured.

Maintenance Cost

With our savings guarantee, we offer a 3-year warranty and available service plan options to extend the warranty to 20 years. Adding solid financials to your educational building’s plan, larger purchases are offset, longer paybacks are assured.

GHG Reduction

Turning electricity into data enables better reporting and cost control and enhances revenue protection – coming together as bottom-line profit, driving company value, and increasing student and staff safety and satisfaction.

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Increased Value


Revenue Protection


GHG Reduction

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