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Over 80% of buildings currently have an electrical supply in critical condition that negatively impacts business performance. How are your buildings impacted?

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know power’s true

Getting tested with
Legend Power’s Power
Impact Assessment.

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Take the next step and learn how power is impacting your business performance. Request a Power Impact Assessment or learn more instantly through the True Cost of Power Estimator.

An instant estimate

True Cost of Power Estimator

A comprehensive estimate of your true cost of power to learn how power impacts your business.

Input basic details about your buildings and see instant estimates of the true cost of your power.

See impact, costs, savings, greenhouse gas impact, risk to your operating environment, and safety and satisfaction of people in your buildings.

An in-depth analysis

Power Impact Assessment

An in-depth study of your building’s incoming electrical conditions including looking at the efficiency, reliability, and health of your electrical supply.

The results of power’s impact on your building compared to industry standards.

Solutions to fix these issues to save you time, customers, lost profits, and lost valuations.

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