COP21 and the End of Climate Change

COP21: What does this mean for climate change?


COP21 marks a critical moment in our history and path towards a carbon-free future. It’s a gathering of national governments, global leaders, non-profit organizations, and business leaders from around the world, coming together to make decisions that will impact people and the health of the planet for present and future generations.

It has been a journey over many years to get to COP21 and we are by no means at journey’s end. This gathering is just one crucial step that decision and change-makers are taking towards our green future. What makes this particular gathering even more exciting is the new fervour that is being shown by participants.

The US has developed a strong plan to reduce carbon emissions by 26-28 percent below 2005 levels and the Clean Power Plan sets the first ever national standard, dictating that carbon emissions from existing power plants must be reduced by 32 percent from 2005 levels. There have also been major energy commitments and cooperation between the US, China, India and Brazil. China announced that it would get 20 percent of its power from clean sources by the year 2030. For the first time in our history, all 196 countries participating in COP21 will be sharing the burden of reducing carbon emissions from both an economic and practical perspective.

This level of global cooperation is unprecedented. That’s what makes this conference on climate change so significant. Even before the meetings had begun, nearly every participating country had already made a commitment to making a change for our climate and future.

Climate change and sustainability issues won’t be solved overnight. Fortunately, we’re taking steps in the right direction. Learn more about COP21 and read this post from last week to find out how you can involve your business in the and beyond COP21.

(Image via Pexels)