Van Jones and Green Economics

11-18-15 | Featured News, Uncategorized

“As the new green economy springs to life, will we live in eco-equity or eco-apartheid?”

It’s an interesting question posed by Van Jones, the former Obama administration green jobs adviser and founder of Green For All, Rebuild the Dream and Yes We Code. What could the future of green jobs and a green economy look like?

As the clean energy sector surges, so has the anxiety about unevenly distributed economic opportunity. Now more than ever, the connection between social and environmental issues is more relevant than ever. In an interview with GreenBiz, Jones talked about his concerns as we aim to move forward to a green economy. His concerns?

  • Expanding access to renewable energy
  • Growing clean tech employment across demographic groups and what’s still missing in the green jobs market
  • Rethinking the way we talk about the stakes of climate change and why he doesn’t even really like the word “sustainability”

Green economics is the future. Check out this podcast to hear Van Jones talk about the market for green jobs and the rise of urban resilience!


(Image:, Green City Landscape, via Flickr; CC BY-SA 2.0)