What is a Smart Grid?

Do you know about smart grids? Smart grids are the future. As technology around us evolves, our methods of electrical consumption and energy production are evolving too…

The Way Forward

Let’s begin on a positive note: there is a way forward through climate change.

Year-End Energy Saving Tips

Avoid wasting energy this holiday season and into the New Year with Legend Power Systems’ year-end tips. The holiday season is a time of spending. There’s the spending of money, the spending of time, and the spending of something not quite as obvious, electricity. As it is often tradition for power-consuming decorations to adorn our homes and offices, and for many events and … Read More

UK Proposes to Close Coal Plants by 2025

Energy Secretary Amber Rudd has announced the UK’s intent to phase out coal fired power plants within the next 10 years. If UK Energy Secretary Amber Rudd’s recent proposal is seen to fruition, an excellent step will have been taken by the United Kingdom towards the goal of shutting down the world’s coal fired power plants. Rudd has announced the UK’s intention to close the … Read More

VIDEO: Waste to Energy

Take a look at today’s feature video to learn more about the power potential of garbage!

How Green is Your Internet?

Have you ever thought of just how much energy you use when surfing the net? Check out today’s feature video to discover exactly how green the internet is!