Mapping Climate Change and Knowledge

12-04-15 | Featured News

See the data and the effects of carbon on our planet!

It’s easy to dismiss the numbers that scientists throw around when you can’t actually see what they mean. After all, we aren’t all scientists, and data like “400 ppm” or “2°C cap” may not necessarily mean much upon reading them in charts and articles. In fact, the lack of general understanding of the data and knowledge climate experts and scientists have gathered can easily lead to the dismissal of key points and extremely important goals.

The below video (presented by Mundaneum) gives a visual presentation of the effects of climate change. See exactly what we do that causes large amounts of carbon emissions and two potential futures: one where we have done everything we could to make a difference now; and one where we have done nothing and allowed our emissions to grow…

[youtube width=”600″ height=”400″][/youtube]