Voltage Optimization and Motors

Question: How does voltage optimization effect motors?high-voltage-297288_960_720

If you have motors running in your building, you may be asking yourself: how will the Harmonizer and voltage optimization affect their performance?



If you have smaller motors (less than 20kW), they will often save energy with voltage reduction. Most of the small motors in commercial buildings are oversized for the work they need to do and operate inefficiently. By reducing the voltage supplied to these motors, you will be able to save energy, especially when incoming voltage levels are high. As these motors are oversized, it is more difficult to notice the potential output loss when they are not heavily loaded.

You can also save energy through voltage reduction when operating larger unregulated motors (over 20kW). However, the energy savings will not be as much as the smaller motors. Most large motors are sized correctly for the work they perform. They are also very often regulate by a VFD (variable frequency drive). Reducing the voltage to a VFD will not save energy and the savings delivered to a large motor that is correctly sized will most likely be minimal (between 0 and 2%). As well, a motor under heavy load will require and pull additional current (amps) as voltage levels decrease in order to successfully perform the work required.

Our goal is help you achieve the most efficient operation as possible. Our experts will come and do an audit of your existing motors and other critical loads to ensure that your voltage needs are met. We make certain that the voltage and current remain within the nameplate rating and ensure that efficient operation is achieved.

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