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Yes, you read that correctly: we guarantee you savings when you work with Legend Power!

What is a Smart Grid?

Do you know about smart grids? Smart grids are the future. As technology around us evolves, our methods of electrical consumption and energy production are evolving too…

Businesses and Climate Week 2015

That’s a wrap for Climate Week 2015 and it seems that businesses are the new climate activists! This is a very good thing. There must have been something in the New York air this year during Climate Week as businesses have stepped up their commitments to sustainable action. Hundreds of corporate executives, government diplomats and activists came together this September … Read More

Improve Your Building’s Energy Efficiency

Improve your business and help the environment with Legend Power Systems! Easily one of the largest costs to societies around the world, both economically and environmentally, is the operation of buildings. Buildings, regardless of their use, require energy in order for them to function usefully and successfully. However, it is possible to steer building operation to a more efficient future.¬†Legend … Read More

Smart Grids Explained

Out of the past and into the future! Check out today’s post to learn more about smart grids for our electricity needs!