Our Savings Guarantee

01-27-16 | Uncategorized

Yes, you read that correctly: we guarantee you savings when you work with Legend Power!

We believe there is absolutely no need to compromise effectiveness, reliability or performance in your efforts to gain greater efficiency. How would it be efficient if you had to make those compromises? Our goal and purpose is to make your building more efficient and more effective. We do this through our conservation and product life cycle solution, the Harmonizer. With the Harmonizer, we can reduce electrical energy consumption in commercial buildings, save money and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

We guarantee your achieved savings will be within 80% of the proposed amount and we are 100%  committed to delivering results. So how can we guarantee this to you? We have engineered the Harmonizer to automatically adjust in order to meet the energy needs of your facility.

For example, should there be a sudden voltage drop or an electronics failure, the Harmonizer defaults to protection mode, removing the Harmonizer from the electrical system to ensure voltage levels remain at an optimal level. When power and voltage is restored to standard operating conditions, the Harmonizer will automatically re-engage and continue to save you energy.

Along with this verbal guarantee, we provide an industry leading 10 year warranty on our unique and innovative energy conservation solution. This ensures that your building will operate with a high level of efficiency for 10 years and that you achieve the long-term financial savings you should expect. In the unlikely event of an equipment failure, we will repair or replace the system at our cost.

Learn more about the Harmonizer here!