Legend Power Systems and Offtober

Celebrate and save! Join Legend Power Systems in observing BC Hydro’s Offtober. It’s that time of year again – BC Hydro’s Power Smart initiative, Offtober, is back! Each October, BC Hydro encourages the province of British Columbia, and beyond, to take a more active role in saving power and being aware of how we consume power and electricity. By offering tips … Read More

Top 5 Harmonizer Quick Facts

The top five most interesting and educational facts about the Harmonizer. The Harmonizer is Legend Power Systems’ energy conservation solution that helps commercial and industrial buildings save money, power and lower greenhouse gas emissions. We are proud to be able to offer a product that positively impacts the environment, and can offer our clients so many benefits. While the Harmonizer and its many … Read More

OCAD U Leads the Collegiate Pack With Energy Retrofit

Legend Power has proudly assisted “the university of the imagination” with their innovative energy retrofit. OCAD University (OCAD U) is one of the very first educational facilities in Canada to learn of the savings to be had with Legend Power’s Harmonizer. After assisting the school’s Toronto campus with lowering their greenhouse gas emissions, and helping them save over $20,000 per year, … Read More

Going Green at the Office [Infographic]

Legend Power makes it easy to go green at the office and save money! Read today’s post to learn more about how the Harmonizer can work for you and for easy tips to make your office green!

Energy Awareness Month

Join Legend Power in celebrating Energy Awareness Month with the below three power saving tips. The world over, October seems to have been officially declared as Energy Awareness Month. While it is our hope that being energy efficient and conserving energy is a goal that the world works towards each and every month, Energy Awareness Month is a great opportunity to take a … Read More

Utilities’ Role in Energy Efficiency Technology Adoption

Commercial energy efficiency measures generally gain wide-spread adoption through utilities — either with their use of the technology or with their approval. But how do utilities filter through all of the products and options available to decide on what energy efficiency measures to support? What do utility managers want to see when they’re considering new technologies? In our experience at … Read More

BC’s Public Sector Energy Conservation Agreement

A couple of weeks ago we looked at BOMA Toronto’s Conservation and Demand Management (CDM) Program and the incentive funding available through BOMA for the Toronto area. This week, we’ll look at incentive funding in British Columbia through the Public Sector Energy Conservation Agreement (PSECA). PSECA is a project between BC Hydro and the Province to fund public sector building … Read More

Legend Power on Business News Network: Helping Big Box Retailers Go Green

Legend Power’s CEO Gerry Gill was on the Business News Network today explaining how Legend Power’s electronic tap changer is an integral part of the smart grid system and that even buildings that have the latest high-efficiency light bulbs and equipment can still save on energy consumption. Watch the video clip.

An Energy Problem: Forced Consumption

The problem of force consumption in terms of energy conservation is that of line loss resistance. Facilities near the beginning of the grid receive voltage at a higher level than needed and waste energy. Over $1 billion is wasted per year by commercial buildings due to forced grid consumption. Voltage optimization reduces electrical energy consumption by up to 10%, which … Read More