OCAD U Leads the Collegiate Pack With Energy Retrofit

03-04-15 | Electrical Harmonizer-AVR, Featured News, Legend Power Updates, Save Power

Legend Power has proudly assisted “the university of the imagination” with their innovative energy retrofit.

OCAD University (OCAD U) is one of the very first educational facilities in Canada to learn of the savings to be had with Legend Power’s Harmonizer. After assisting the school’s Toronto campus with lowering their greenhouse gas emissions, and helping them save over $20,000 per year, Legend Power is thrilled to have demonstrated the possible environmental and monetary savings available for colleges and universities across North America!

OCAD UAs an institution that instills such forward-thinking mantras into its students as the importance of collaborating and integrating emerging technologies, OCAD U, otherwise known as “the university of the imagination,” was an ideal fit for our energy saving solution. Further proving its innovative way of thinking and teaching, OCAD U has made it a priority to implement a sustainability plan for the entire school, an endeavour that Legend Power is proud to be a part of.

“OCAD U has set a strategic priority of developing and implementing an institution-wide sustainability plan,” says Christine Wallace, Manager, Building Projects, Facilities, Planning & Management, OCAD University. “The Harmonizer will help us advance this vision and be a leader in emissions reduction for the post-secondary building sector.”

Legend Power is very excited to continue to assist OCAD U in reaching their sustainability goals, while also providing the same benefits for other schools across the country. With such large savings to be had with the Harmonizer, Legend Power hopes to help post-secondary schools around the world save money, enabling them to allocate funds towards other educational initiatives.

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