Legend Power Systems and Offtober

10-16-15 | Commercial Energy Conservation, Industry News & Events, Save Power

Celebrate and save! Join Legend Power Systems in observing BC Hydro’s Offtober.

It’s that time of year again – BC Hydro’s Power Smart initiative, Offtober, is back! Each October, BC Hydro encourages the province of British Columbia, and beyond, to take a more active role in saving power and being aware of how we consume power and electricity. By offering tips that will help you save power and money both at home and at work, Offtober hopes to promote conservation and clean energy awareness. As seen in the below video, the type of tips you can expect from this power conservation campaign include unplugging your gadgets and appliances that are not in use. Watch the below video for more details on this particular energy saving tip!

Learn more about Offtober, the offered energy saving tips, and how you can win daily prizes by visiting https://www.powersmart.ca.


Legend Power Systems (LPS) applauds the Offtober initiative and is proud to support BC Hydro in their energy saving strategy. To date, three separate BC Hydro locations in a portfolio of office buildings that were already operating at a high level of efficiency have installed Harmonizers in order to help save even more energy. LPS is proud to be affiliated with such a proactive and forward thinking company, one that is a recognized leader in electrical energy conservation.

Learn more about how Legend Power Systems’ Harmonizers have assisted BC Hydro.