The Value of Conservation

Conservation means savings! That’s right: when you conserve energy, there will always be savings.

Energy Efficiency [Infographic]

How much do you know about energy efficiency? Learn more about Legend Power and energy efficiency in today’s post and feature infographic…

Save Energy, Save Money!

Know your voltage levels! Save the planet and save money, one volt at a time! Perhaps that’s an exaggeration. You will be saving much more than one volt at a time! With a little help from Legend Power, you can easily begin your journey towards sustainability, both in business and energy consumption. Most building operators don’t know a building’s voltage … Read More

Global Oil Countdown

If oil runs out in 2050, and coal is the new default for electrical energy, what’s next? How does electricity generation from coal affect global warming? What role does energy conservation and alternative energy play? Have your say. Comment on the Global Oil Countdown Clock. if (WIDGETBOX) WIDGETBOX.renderWidget(‘2ef5e165-34af-4f48-ba05-a951f4eb6a5f’);Get the Countdown Creator Pro widget and many other great free widgets at … Read More