Ontario: Conservation First

Learn more about Ontario’s conservation plan!

The Ministry of Energy in Ontario has big goals for the province and one of the biggest of these goals is to reduce the demand for electricity. We’re happy to report that one of the main ways to tackle the demand for electricity is through conservation first, and Legend Power is 100% behind this endeavour.

Reducing the demand goes hand in hand with conservation at every level of society and our daily lives. From our own household habits to the way businesses are conducted, everyone contributes to the demand for electricity. Conversely, everyone can contribute to the conservation efforts. Simple gestures at home such as turning off the lights and installing efficient appliances can help conserve energy as well as save you money on your energy bill! At the commercial level, retrofitting old buildings with new technology and constructing new buildings with LEED standards in mind can make a massive impact in the task of reducing electrical demands.

Although founded in British Columbia, Legend Power is proud to be part of Ontario’s strategy of conservation first. We have deployed a team of of experienced energy consultants to lead the commercial strategy in Toronto, Ontario. With the Harmonizer, you can begin to take part of the conservation first plan and save money at the same time!

Learn more about Ontario’s conservation strategy with this quick infographic (click to enlarge).


(Infographic via Ontario Ministry of Energy)