Year-End Energy Saving Tips

Avoid wasting energy this holiday season and into the New Year with Legend Power Systems’ year-end tips. The holiday season is a time of spending. There’s the spending of money, the spending of time, and the spending of something not quite as obvious, electricity. As it is often tradition for power-consuming decorations to adorn our homes and offices, and for many events and … Read More

GreenHab the Office

Cut the carbon footprint of your office with Legend Power and these tips!

Businesses and Climate Week 2015

That’s a wrap for Climate Week 2015 and it seems that businesses are the new climate activists! This is a very good thing. There must have been something in the New York air this year during Climate Week as businesses have stepped up their commitments to sustainable action. Hundreds of corporate executives, government diplomats and activists came together this September … Read More

Climate Change and Investment

Don’t let climate change foil your investment portfolio! Learn more about the relationship between climate change and investment.

What Are Carbon Offsets?

Understanding the basics of carbon offsets. Carbon offsets are credits that companies and individuals can purchase in an effort to mitigate their own greenhouse gas emissions. These credits are often sold by companies involved in the renewable energy industry, such as solar or wind, and are generally measured in tonnes of carbon dioxide-equivalents (CO2e). Before You Buy Carbon Offsets While investing … Read More

World Energy Report (Infographic)

Discover how the United States measures up in terms of energy consumption compared to other areas of the world. Often it can be hard to comprehend how our everyday energy consumptions contribute to a collective national carbon footprint. However, as you can see in the below infographic, World Energy Report, our individual energy consumptions do add up. For example, in the … Read More

The Carbon Footprint of the Internet

Many people think about the obvious causes of a costly carbon footprint, but what about the internet? More specifically, what carbon footprint does your website have?

Apple and Environmental Responsibility

Tech giant, Apple, releases Environmental Responsibility Report. In recent years, there has been the increasing consumer expectation that companies, especially successful and internationally celebrated ones, should not only be taking an interest in the environment but also a responsibility in the matter. One excellent example is coffee corporation, Starbucks. Not too long ago, we mentioned that the international coffee company is currently producing 99% ethically sourced coffee, with … Read More

Our Global Carbon Footprints

Do you know what our global carbon footprints are? You’ve probably heard the term “carbon footprint.” In fact, you may have even explored your own personal carbon footprint with a carbon footprint calculator. Have you ever explored the global carbon footprints that we contribute to? When you look at one person’s carbon footprint it may not seem like much, but imagine … Read More