Sustainability and the Year Ahead

01-06-16 | Electrical Harmonizer-AVR, Save Power

Welcome to 2016: A year in which sustainability initiatives go hand in hand with our business strategies.


2015 saw great progress in terms of the environment and global sustainability efforts, especially in terms of the business world. RE100 acquired numerous new members, many of whom are internationally recognized brands. Then, just last month, great steps were taken at COP21, leading to the world’s first global agreement to tackle climate change, an agreement that will hopefully prevent the global temperature from rising by more than 2 degrees Celsius. And now, heading into 2016, terms that used to evoke thoughts of idealism, no longer do. Words and phrases such as renewable energy, energy conservation, and sustainability are being integrated into business plans and operating strategies. Today, they are widely accepted as the new normal when it comes to power and electricity.

Here at Legend Power Systems we are looking forward to contributing to the world’s new outlook on integrating tools and initiatives that enable businesses to become more energy efficient, lower their overall operating costs, and reduce their buildings’ greenhouse gas emissions. As you make plans for the year ahead, we encourage you to consider how the Harmonizer can assist you in fulfilling your green New Year’s resolutions.

(Image via Pixabay)