UK Proposes to Close Coal Plants by 2025

11-27-15 | Industry News & Events

Energy Secretary Amber Rudd has announced the UK’s intent to phase out coal fired power plants within the next 10 years.

If UK Energy Secretary Amber Rudd’s recent proposal is seen to fruition, an excellent step will have been taken by the United Kingdom towards the goal of shutting down the world’s coal fired power plants. Rudd has announced the UK’s intention to close the nation’s coal plants by 2025 if sufficient resources – mainly gas – can be harnessed and utilized to compensate for the loss of coal fired power. Should the plan to phase out the coal powered plants within the next 10 years move forward, the use of the coal plants would be restricted by 2023. The announcement was made mid November and comes just weeks before COP21 is to take place in Paris.

Read more from BBC News: UK’s coal plants to be phased out within 10 years


Although transitioning from coal fired power to gas is not the ideal transition for the wellbeing of our environment, the fact remains that shutting down all of the United Kingdom’s coal plants would be significant.

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