The Benefits of Pricing Carbon [Video]

Discover how pricing carbon could help protect our health, our economy and our future.

To maintain a stable environment and economy the world over, we must assess how our current practices will affect our ability to do so in the future. According to the below video, Pricing Carbon: It’s About Our Economy & Our Future, one way to protect our future is to evaluate how we price and distribute resources that contribute to the pollution of our planet, such as carbon and its emissions.

Created by We Mean Business Coalition, a group of organizations that have banded together to promote economic growth by transitioning to low carbon economies, the video suggests that by putting a price on carbon use and pollution, efficiency and innovation will be rewarded. As a result, when lowering carbon emissions means lowering costs, preventing pollution wherever possible will become the norm.

The video goes on to suggest that countries should either tax carbon, set up an emissions trading system, or regulate its use. Examples of countries, provinces and states that have already implemented such solutions are also showcased later on in the video, providing examples, such as British Columbia’s carbon tax, which has reduced emissions, and California’s emissions permit fees, which will be invested in clean energy and low carbon development.

We hope that you enjoy the video!

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