Save Energy Over the Holidays

12-22-14 | Save Power

Discover five simple ways to save energy and money this holiday season.

Christmas Day may be just a few days away but that doesn’t mean that it’s too late to save! While we believe in tackling energy consumption issues at the source, we know that there are other ways to supplement products such as the Harmonizer, with easy energy saving tips. By planning ahead and implementing simple energy saving practices in your home, you can save more money and power this holiday season.

Below are five ways to save on both energy and money during the holidays.

5 Ways to Save Energy and Money Over the Holidays

  1. WM LightsPower down: Unplug your decorations that require an outlet, such as your Christmas tree lights or window displays, when you’re not around to enjoy them. By unplugging your decorations at night or when you’re not around, you prevent losing energy to Vampire Power. Other solutions include plugging your lights and decorations into a power bar that has a power switch that you can turn off.
  2. Unload your vehicle: When it comes to shuttling large quantities of gifts (for all you late shoppers out there!) and groceries for your family get-togethers, it’s important to empty your car as soon as you can. Driving around with excess and unnecessary weight in your car will cause your vehicle to use more gas.
  3. Strategically use your oven: When it comes to cooking Christmas dinner, use your oven with care. Plan ahead and cook multiple dishes at the same time and don’t preheat your oven too early, before you may be ready. In addition, try to open the oven door as infrequently as possible in order to preserve the temperature and decrease your cooking time.
  4. Turn down the heat: Are you expecting guests for dinner? The combination of heat from cooking and the extra bodies in your home will increase the temperature. In anticipation of having guests over, turn down your thermostat to save energy.
  5. Let in heat, keep out cold: Use your windows to allow sunlight and natural heat into your home during the day by opening your curtains and blinds, and then keep the chill out at night by closing your window coverings. Learn more about Energy Saving Window Treatments.

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