Vampire Power

10-31-14 | Industry News & Events, Save Power

Be aware of vampire power!

Unplug your electronics and prevent them from sucking your home’s energy and wasting your money.

This Halloween (and throughout the rest of the year!) be aware of the electronics that are unnecessarily sucking your home’s energy and costing you money. Many appliances and electronics in our homes are wasting electricity. When plugged into an outlet, many electronics are consuming standby power, also referred to as vampire power, even when they are not in use. As you’ve probably guessed, the term “vampire power” is used due to the fact that these electronics are wasting energy when they’re plugged in, sucking out power that they do not need.

Learn more about vampire power in the below video. Underneath the video, check out our three easy tips for saving your home (and your wallet) from being a victim of vampire power.

3 Simple Tips to Deal With Vampire Power

  1. Unplug: When not in use, unplug those cords! Keeping a laptop or phone charger unnecessarily plugged into an outlet can cost you.
  2. Power Down: Turn off your desktop computer at the end of the day and avoid leaving electronics on, such as a digital cable box.
  3. Use a Power Bar: Using a power bar gives you the option of flipping the power switch off when you do not need to use the electronics that are plugged into it. Just make sure nothing important, like your alarm clock, is plugged into it when you turn it off!

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Happy Halloween!