People’s Climate Movement

Bold climate action to be demanded by the People’s Climate Movement on October 14th’s National Day of Action.

Just over a year ago on September 21, 2014 the People’s Climate March saw hundreds of thousands of people peacefully flood the streets of New York, Toronto, Melbourne, Berlin and other cities across the globe in an effort to demonstrate their passion for climate action. From the success of the march, came the People’s Climate Movement, an organization created to challenge the climate crisis.

Building off of the momentum created by the march, the People’s Climate Movement has spent 2015 working with communities “to call for bold action on climate at the local, national and global levels.” Along with supporting the 10 year Commemoration of Hurricane Katrina earlier this year in August, the People’s Climate Movement is also adding their voice to October 14th’s National Day of Action. Visit for more details on the movement and information on the National Day of Action.

Watch the below video for a snapshot of what the 2014’s People’s Climate March was able to achieve.

Legend Power Systems is excited by the initiative being taken by citizens around the world in support of climate action. Our company is proud to be a part of that change with our energy conservation solution, the Harmonizer, a technology that helps decrease emissions and positively affects the environment.

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