Legend Power applauds the global effort to facilitate positive progress when it comes to climate change.

It’s been a big weekend for the battle against climate change. With the UN Climate Summit set for September 23, 2014, hundreds of thousands of people gathered to form the largest climate march in history. Manhattan streets were flooded with over 300,000 peaceful marchers, carrying signs with messages such as: “Cool kids don’t need such a hot planet” and “Save our planet.”

But it wasn’t just New York that was inundated with advocates for change. Cities all over the world, including Toronto, Berlin, Rio de Janeiro and Melbourne, saw their citizens out en masse speaking out for our planet and demonstrating for change. In total, there were 2000 events schedule in 150 countries schedule prior to the Climate Summit.

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We may not have been marching with signs this weekend, but every day at Legend Power is a step towards ensuring a cleaner, more efficient future. Our goal, economically, is to help you save money. Our environmental goal is to harmonize those savings with the reduction of wasted electrical energy! By installing our Harmonizer in a facility’s electrical room where power enters the building, the incoming voltage can be optimized in order to run equipment at a controlled and reduced voltage level. This enables greater efficiency, extended equipment lifetime, a reduced risk of equipment failure, and energy conservation.

So this is how we march for the planet everyday: by adjusting the voltage of the building to more efficient levels. In doing so, the Harmonizer eliminates the hidden energy waste and reduces greenhouse gas emissions, one of the known culprits contributing to climate change.

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(Image via Elizabeth Stilwell: People’s Climate March NYC, CC BY-SA 2.0)