China to Cap Coal Consumption by 2020

12-10-14 | Electrical Harmonizer-AVR, Featured News, Industry News & Events

Big environmental and climate goals for China to take place over the next 5 to 15 years.

China to limit coal consumption by 2020 and cap CO2 emissions by 2030.

Last month, China announced for the first time that by 2030 the country will have put a cap on carbon dioxide emissions as part of the US-China Joint Announcement on Climate Change. Since then, China has also committed to limiting coal consumption by 2020. As the combustion of coal is one of the leading sources of carbon dioxide, these two climate goals will work in tandem, presenting wonderful news for, not only the people of China, but also the environment on a global scale.

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China is not the only country to be fostering change when it comes to our environment and climate. There have been changes occurring throughout the world that will help save our environment and the planet. Below you will find other articles of interest that highlight certain initiatives throughout North America that are changing the way in which we generate and consume power and electricity.

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