$20 Million Prize for NY Energy Competition

02-18-15 | Featured News, Industry News & Events

The Governor of New York has offered a $20 million incentive for the winner of an innovative energy competition.

new-york-472392_300Governor Cuomo announced yesterday that five cities located of the state of New York will be competing for a prize of up to $20 million in funding. As part of the Five Cities Energy Plans initiative, Albany, Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse and Yonkers will all vie for the prize by creating innovative energy projects and action plans that will assist with their region’s energy efforts, including endeavours to reduce energy costs, lower carbon emissions and increase job opportunities within the clean energy industry.

The competition is meant to further the advancement of the clean energy initiatives already taking place within the state, as well as foster change and allow new ideas to improve upon the current energy infrastructure within New York.

Learn more about the competition: Governor Cuomo Announces $20 Million Prize Competition For Innovative Energy Projects.

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