200th U.S. Coal Plant to Close

Nearly 40% of coal plants in the United States have retired since 2010.

On July 15th, the Sierra Club announced that their Beyond Coal Campaign had successfully assisted in the retirement of the 200th coal plant in the United States. The number 200 is significant, as it represents the amount of coal plants that have been shut down since 2010, which is almost 40% of the 523 plants that were in operation five years ago.

In alliance with over 2 million members and supporters, the Sierra Club strives to support the environment in every challenge they take on. Their Beyond Coal Campaign is just one of the latest initiatives implemented to help protect our environment and the wilderness.

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According to an image created and shared by the Sierra Club, the 200 retired coal plants will eliminate 313 million metric tonnes of carbon pollution every year. An incredible accomplishment. And all the more reason to continue to shut down the 323 remaining coal plants that are still in operation in the United States. Discover the journey so far of the Beyond Coal Campaign in the video below.

Legend Power commends this great achievement of the Sierra Club’s and wishes them continued success in their endeavour to retire the remaining coal plants. We are proud to supplement initiatives such as the Beyond Coal Campaign with our energy conservation solution, the Harmonizer. By reducing the electrical energy consumption in commercial buildings, the Harmonizer helps lower greenhouse gas emissions and support a cleaner and healthier environment.

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