Why Invest in Legend Power?

Legend Power Systems Inc. (TSX-V:LPS) is an innovative electrical energy conservation solution provider.   Commercial & high density residential buildings waste electricity due to unregulated and higher than necessary incoming voltage levels. Plus, electricity prices continue to trend higher while governments and power utilities look for clean, sustainable and more affordable sources of electricity.  Legend’s proprietary electrical energy reduction product, the Harmonizer, reduces electrical energy consumption by up to 8%, by regulating and reducing voltage  levels.

By combining an efficient voltage optimization auto transformer with an active voltage monitoring system, Legend Power’s Harmonizer helps customers  reduce  electricity bills, building maintenance costs and greenhouse gas emissions and  increases the lifetime expectancy electrical equipment.

The Harmonizer has an expected lifetime of 15 years and zero maintenance costs, therefore Legend Power’s ability to offer customers a 10 year warranty, in addition to the eligibility for incentive funding results in risk-free savings that translates into immediate sustainability benefits for the customer.

Legend Power provides value and opportunity to investors through:

Sedar Filings

Transfer Agent

Computershare Trust Company of Canada


Ernst & Young LLP

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Legend Power is an energy conservation company that uses a patented device to achieve significant energy conservation results through voltage optimization. The Electrical Harmonizer-AVR is critical to achieving LPSIs vision of changing the footprint of how electricity is going to be used in the future on a global basis.

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