Happy Holidays From Legend Power Systems

12-24-15 | Legend Power Updates

Legend Power Systems reflects on a successful 2015 and wishes you a happy holiday season.

With the arrival of the holiday season coming at the end of each year, many people often take a moment to reflect on the events and achievements that have come to pass over the previous 12 months. Being that the holidays is generally a time of happiness and joy, this moment of reflection tends to make us feel that much more appreciative of the opportunities and accomplishments that have come to pass; a sentiment that we would like to share.

Happy Holidays_Tree Dark_LPS

For us here at Legend Power Systems (LPS), we have had the pleasure of continuing to thrive as a company, expanding our business across North America and entering market places all over the world. LPS was even named one of the top performing clean-tech companies as listed on the TSX-Venture Exchange. We are extremely proud of the positive impact our product, the Harmonizer, has had for multiple companies in various different verticals. The Harmonizer has been an integral part of many businesses’ sustainability strategies, helping them save money, lower their commercial and industrial buildings’ power consumption, and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

With such a great year behind us, we excitedly look towards 2016. From the entire Legend Power Systems team, we thank you for your support and wish you a very happy holidays!

(Image via Pixabay)