Why Legend Power Systems?

11-06-15 | Legend Power Updates, Uncategorized

Q: Why work with Legend Power Systems?

A: Although we may be biased, we think there are a number of excellent reasons why we should work together.


Our main goal is to help your business succeed right now and in our sustainable future. The world is changing and we are at a critical point in our history where the time to act for positive, sustainable an economic change is upon us.

With our help we can facilitate savings and not just financially. Our Harmonizer works with your existing infrastructure to help reduce your energy consumption, saving you money and reducing your greenhouse gas emissions. It is a technology that can help you reach your goals to become a LEED certified commercial structure which could lead to incentives (if your municipality has these programs in place).

Monetary savings and minimized carbon pollution aside,  what’s so great about working with Legend Power Systems? Here are a few reasons why:

  • We are a Canadian innovator: designed and made in Canada
  • Strong testimonials from satisfied clients.
  • We are partnered with utility companies and organizations such as BC Hydro and Toronto Hydro, as well as trusted consultants and contractors
  • We have proven results: our performance equal to or better than other EEM’s.
  • Our technology is non-disruptive with lowest total cost of ownership.

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(Image via Pixabay)