It pays to save…

Join in on the energy savings with Offtober tips!

This month we’re all about saving. Who are we kidding, we always want to save no matter what month it is! Whether at home or commercially, Legend Power is proud to promote a culture of conservation and business savvy, especially during Energy Awareness Month!

In celebration of conservation and clean energy awareness, BC Hydro presents Power Smart’s Offtober! For the entire month of Offtober, they will be revealing energy and money saving tips for your home. It’s true they’re offering daily prizes, but the money-saving tips alone are a pretty fabulous gift to all. It’s fun and fresh and we are definitely celebrating Offtober at the Legend Power headquarters. But we want to take you and your business a step further…

We’ve got great ideas and great service to help you keep the spirit of Offtober alive all year round and keep your saved dollars adding up!


Visit Power Smart online to get your daily tips and enjoy this video to get you in the Offtober spirit!
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