Self-Driving ‘Robocabs’

07-06-15 | Featured News, Industry News & Events, Uncategorized

Could self-driving vehicles be an answer to greenhouse gas emissions problem?

The future is closer than you think. We could be seeing a new wave of cabs one day soon. Google and Uber are testing self-driving, robotic vehicles that could potentially help slash the number of greenhouse gas emissions when used for cab service.

As researched by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, autonomous or self-driving electric cabs in 2030 could produce up to 94 percent fewer emissions per mile than a conventional gasoline car of today. It could also be much cheaper than taxis with drivers. How is this possible? Much of it is thanks to simply, the size of these vehicles. For the single daily commuter, these small taxis are just right.

Although consumers may not be ready to purchase fully automated vehicles for personal use, experimentation with robotics in the auto industry is becoming more widespread. In fact, these adorable Google robotic vehicles are set to hit the Californian roads this summer in a pilot program. There are no steering wheels or pedals necessary. There will be a human aboard in order to meet Californian laws. Uber debuted their self driving vehicles on the streets of Pittsburgh this past May!

It’s an exciting idea and one that, if successful, could shape our future, not only of technology but of our environment as well. Learn more about the cars and cabs of the future from the National Geographic and check out this video!

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