Put a Price on Carbon

10-05-15 | Uncategorized

What are the benefits of putting a price on carbon?


Sustainable initiatives in business are an essential part to battling climate change caused by excessive use of finite resources and processes that release harmful gases into the atmosphere. However, these realities are not always easy to measure or grasp when it comes to business. As the international community moves towards change, there is increasing recognition of the value of putting a price on carbon.

Putting a price on carbon has become a valuable strategy in combatting climate change. When you put a price on carbon, you can now monetarily measure sustainability initiatives and motivate change. It encourages innovation and helps those initiatives gain support from all stakeholders by making them more tangible. It also helps to ensure economic competitiveness.

With the goal of a low-carbon economy, now is the time for businesses to adapt. Supporting carbon pricing policies and building them into business operations and investment decisions now can help your business, not only contribute to a low-carbon economy, but also make you a business leader.

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(Image via Pixabay)