Mapping Climate Communication

01-25-16 | Featured News, Uncategorized

Climate change is well talked about these days, but it’s definitely not a new subject…

In fact, we have been communicating about climate change in one form or another since the 1850’s when John Tyndall identified the greenhouse gas effect in a laboratory. Actually, he confirmed John Fourier’s 1824 discovery. Essentially, we’ve been talking climate change and it’s many subtopics for nearing 200 years!

When it comes to climate change, there are various conversations that have been had over the years and they can be categories into these five general discourses: climate science, climate justice, ecological modernization, neoliberalism, and climate contrarian.

Today’s feature infographic is a detailed chart that plots the biggest moments in this near 200 year history of conversation, beginning with John Tyndall in the 1850’s and ending with the data and events of 2014. Of course, the conversation is still going. After all it’s 2016 and here we are talking about it right now!

Explore this infographic and get inspired to keep the conversation alive. Now even more so, we need to ignite a global passion for climate change and sustainability. Together we can start now. Let’s create your business success story and add to the timeline of sustainable growth and a sustainable future!

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Mapping Climate Communication: The Climate Timeline