5 Tips to Save Energy This Winter

As the weather gets colder, conserve energy, save money and stay warm with these five tips!

Fall is officially upon us and with it comes a little bit of rain and colder weather, all of which serves to remind us that winter is not too far away. As the leaves begin to fall, this is a great time of year to take a cue from Mother Nature and prepare for the lower temperatures and harsher weather that will be upon us before we know it.

Prepare your building, whether it’s your apartment building, office space or both, for the upcoming season with the below five tips, and discover how you can save energy and money!

Winter Buildings_New York

5 Ways to Save Energy During the Winter Months

  1. Layer up: This may be one of the more affordable (and simplest!) options to save energy when the weather gets cold. Rather than turning up the heat in your home, or asking your employer to crank the heat in your office building, try wearing warmer clothing, such as sweaters, which can serve as home or office wear!
  2. Save at the source: Encourage your building to invest in an energy conservation product, such as the Harmonizer, and reduce your building’s voltage and energy consumption, saving energy right at the source.
  3. Seal it up: Find any leaks your home or office building may have and get them sealed up. Even small leaks can let in cold air and let out warm air. Doors and windows are generally good places to begin your search.
  4. Contain your heat: Turn the heat down in rooms that are not in use and ensure that you shut the door to these areas. This will keep the heat in the rooms you are using, and you won’t waste energy and money trying to heat the rooms you don’t use!
  5. Clear the way: Ensure that your heating vents are not blocked by furniture or drapery. Get to know your office space and do a little rearranging if your desk is up against a heater. At home, make sure couches or beds haven’t been pushed up against any heating vents.

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