Eco-Fuel Africa and Clean Energy

03-16-15 | Industry News & Events, Save Power

Eco-Fuel Africa: Turning farm waste into a clean energy source.

Meet Sanga Moses, a social entrepreneur from Uganda who saw a lack of clean fuel sources in his country and decided to do something about it. Inspired by his younger sister, who often had to miss school to collect wood for their family, Moses wanted to help his sister, and other young girls like her, have the opportunity to get an education. Moses then quit his well paying job at one of the top banks in Uganda to pursue his dream of offering a clean, alternative source of energy. This, of course, led to the creation of Eco-Fuel Africa.

By turning farm waste, such as sugarcane waste and coffee husks, into fuel, Moses’ company is able to provide a clean source of energy that assists with reducing deforestation and energy costs, while also supporting a network of 2,500 farmers who use Moses’ kilns, increasing their income, and 460 female retailers who sell his product to their communities. Around 115,000 people currently use this source of fuel in their homes, and Moses hopes to reach 16.6 million households in the next ten years.

Learn more about Sanga Moses and his journey with Eco-Fuel Africa in the below video.

Sanga Moses is also a National Geographic Emerging Explorer. Learn more by visiting Moses’ National Geographic profile.