Mark Petersen Legend’s VP Engineering Speaks at New York Association for Energy Economics

01-10-18 | Press Releases

Please join the New York Association for Energy Economics when we welcome Mark Petersen VP Engineering of Legend Power Systems to our Thursday, January 11th, 2018 lunch.

All buildings currently receive more voltage than they are supposed to. This causes buildings to consume more power than necessary and has the potential to damage electrical equipment. The nature of how power is distributed & regulated on an aging power grid results in overvoltage, which wastes energy. Modern voltage management techniques help building owners and power utilities identify and reduce the negative effects overvoltage has on their infrastructure and also reduce electric load. Mark will explain what overvoltage is, how it occurs, how it impacts a building’s energy use, how it can be mitigated and how it can be harnessed to reduce energy consumption.


Lunch and Learn with Legend Power this Thursday, January 11 at Tonic Times Square: