Legend Power Launches SmartGATE Insights™ Service to Assess the Health of Building Electrical Systems

10-23-20 | Press Releases

Vancouver, B.C., Canada – October 23, 2020 – Legend Power® Systems (TSX-V: LPS), a global leader in commercial electrical system solutions, today announced the official launch of its SmartGATE Insights Power Impact Assessment Service. Having discovered chronic financial and operational underperformance in over 1,000 North American commercial buildings due to electrical power challenges, Legend developed a no-risk, non-invasive assessment, custom designed for commercial building owners. The Power Impact Assessment service can be run on many buildings simultaneously, enabling a portfolio-level view of the impact of incoming power.

Virtually every system in today’s modern and complex buildings relies on electricity. With the electrification and decarbonization efforts across North America, the electric grid is under more strain than ever. This stress reduces the stability of the electric supply and decreases the lifetime, uptime and efficiency of building systems.

“Our new SmartGATE Insights Power Impact Assessment Service measures the high impact attributes of electricity and then applies an array of industry-standard calculations to determine what effects they are having on a building. We regularly find that less than optimal electricity coming into buildings can decrease life expectancy of major systems by 20% to 40%, often resulting in early impairment of multi-million dollar systems. This disrupts capital asset cycles by years, costing millions of dollars.” said Mark Petersen, Legend Power’s VP Engineering.

“Commercial Real Estate Owners and Operators across office, multifamily, retail, and industrial, rely on their utility to provide stable and consistent electrical power for buildings to perform at optimal financial and operational efficiency,” said Randy Buchamer, CEO of Legend Power Systems. “After 10-years in the business and having assessed over 1,000 buildings, Legend knows a significant number of them receive poor power quality and suffer from significant underperformance resulting in excess GHG emissions, lower ESG scores, increased expenses, diminished tenant experience and lower net asset value. Our new SmartGATE Insights Service provides building owners with an easy to understand score-card of relative building health, an assessment of the hidden financial and human costs, and finally a custom solution based on Legend’s turnkey industry leading technologies.”   

If you are interested in having a Power Impact Assessment conducted on your building to identify potential risks or financial waste due to your incoming electric service, contact Legend Power Systems at www.legendpower.com or via email at info@legendpower.com.

About SmartGATE

SmartGATE is an industry-leading, turnkey solution, which identifies and fixes underperformance and waste in the electrical system of a commercial building. These performance issues often impact key areas of commercial real estate metrics including occupant safety and satisfaction and financial performance. This waste can also lead to higher operating costs, lower net operating income and other potential financial risks to the building owner, including damaged tenant experience.

About Legend Power® Systems Inc.

Legend Power® Systems Inc. (www.legendpower.com) provides an intelligent energy management platform that analyzes and improves building energy challenges, significantly impacting asset management and corporate performance. Legend’s proven solutions support proactive executive decision-making in a complex and volatile business and energy environment.

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