Legend Power Installs 100th Harmonizer

07-09-15 | Featured News, Press Releases

Legend Power Systems Inc. (LPS.V) (“Legend”) is excited to announce the successful installation of its
100th Harmonizer. The Harmonizer, a device which reduces a building’s energy usage by up to 8%, is installed in commercial buildings across North America.

The total energy savings Legend has helped realized to date is over 50,000,000 kWh, which is enough energy to power over 4,500 homes for one year.  As a direct result of saving energy, Legend and its partners have helped to save over 5,000 Tonnes of Greenhouse gas emission, which is equivalent to removing over 1,000 cars from the road for a one year period.  With over 4 million commercial buildings in North America alone, the financial and environmental saving potential for voltage optimization is significant.

We would like to thank all of our customers, partners, and shareholders for their ongoing support in helping Legend achieve this milestone.

A few of our key clients, partners and early supporters include:
Black & McDonald – Helped save 250 Tonnes of GHG emissions

“Black & McDonald has been the electrical contracting partner at many of Legend Power’s Harmonizer installations.  We are strong supporters of Legend Power and have begun to introduce Legend’s technology to our national client base”
        – Scott Dietsch – Manager of Services Division
YMCA Greater Toronto – Helped save 100 Tonnes of GHG emissions

“At the YMCA of Greater Toronto, we see a healthy future as a green future.  With each YMCA we operate, we are continuously making investments in our environmental initiatives to create more sustainable spaces for our community. Cutting our carbon footprint is a big part of that, and we’re excited to continue on with this (Harmonizer) project.”
–  Alex Versluis, VP Operations,   YMCA of Greater Toronto
Pathway Community Housing – Helped save 52 Tonnes of GHG emissions

“Reducing energy consumption in our two buildings is an important part of keeping rental rates down.  The savings that the Harmonizer produces will help us increase our building improvement fund to ensure we are able to keep our building in good order, without incurring extra costs.”
         – Roman Spektor, Pathway Community Housing General Manager 

OCAD University – Helped save 31 Tonnes of GHG emissions

“OCAD U has set a strategic priority of developing and implementing an institution-wide sustainability plan. The Harmonizer will help us advance this vision and be a leader in emissions reduction for the post-secondary building sector.”
          – Christine Wallace, Manager, Building Projects, Facilities, Planning & Management,  OCAD University