Legend Power Helps Major Real Estate Groups Reduce Energy Costs and Enhance Asset Value

12-02-15 | Featured News, Press Releases

Legend Power Systems, Inc. (LPS.V) (“LPS”) is pleased to announce the addition of three major owner/operator real estate groups to its customer base during the current fiscal quarter. Each group has targeted key assets in the greater Toronto area for installation of LPS’s non-disruptive energy saving device, the Harmonizer. Aggregate results of these projects will yield annual energy savings of approximately 5%, with an average payback of less than three years.

These three major operators represent a combined 100+ million square feet of office, retail and hospitality space and over 56,000 residential suites under management. There is significant potential for LPS’s offering to enhance sustainability efforts, improve net operating income, and increase asset value.

“Large real estate groups are looking to LPS to help them gain a competitive advantage. Our solution offers a quantifiable, market competitive ROI that directly impacts the bottom line and drives real value for stakeholders”, says Randy Buchamer, President and CEO.  “These projects represent giant strides for LPS in this market segment and we look forward to helping our real estate customers enhance their portfolio value.”

With over 1 million buildings in North America, the commercial real estate sector denotes LPS’s most sizable market opportunity.  As energy rates continue to increase, LPS’s voltage optimization technology is uniquely positioned as an innovative way to lower electricity costs for North America’s largest real estate groups in a manner that is seamless to building occupants.

About Legend Power Systems Inc.

Legend Power Systems Inc., “LPS” (www.legend20.wpengine.com) manufactures and markets a patented device, the ‘Harmonizer’ to help commercial and industrial customers reduce their energy consumption through voltage optimization. LPS provides customers risk free energy savings, improves the value of their physical assets, and enhances their sustainability efforts.

LPS was recognized as the top performing clean tech company on the TSX/V for 2015.

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