Use Energy Better With Legend Power Systems

09-18-15 | Commercial & Industrial Power Conservation, Electrical Harmonizer-AVR

Implement a risk free energy savings solution with Legend Power Systems’ Harmonizer.

Familiar. Proven. Stable. These are just a few of the words that come to mind when describing our energy savings solution, the Harmonizer. It is an ultra efficient transformer that dynamically selects a building’s optimal voltage tap in order to reduce unnecessary energy consumption, while still meeting your building’s requirements. Brown out risks are no longer a concern with the implementation of the Harmonizer, as it has a system bypass patented capability, removing the system from the circuit during a utility voltage sag.


The Harmonizer is the ideal fit for your commercial or industrial building and the optimal solution to help you use energy better due to its myriad of benefits. For one, Legend Power Systems’ solution can be seamlessly integrated into your building’s electrical environment with little to no disruption. It is a maintenance free technology with a ten-year warranty and a fast return on investment. The typical payback for the Harmonizer is about two and a half years. Moreover, the Harmonizer provides up to 8% savings on your building’s hydro bills, while also reducing your overall greenhouse gas emissions. And Legend Power Systems guarantees 80% of your specified savings. As the top clean tech on the TSX/V for 2015, the Harmonizer provides a risk free and quantifiable energy savings to help Legend Power Systems customers lower their energy costs, improve equipment reliability, and enhance sustainability efforts.

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