Nature Is Speaking Raises $1 Million

05-05-15 | Industry News & Events

#NatureIsSpeaking hashtag campaign raises $1 million for Conservation International.

Earlier this year, we briefly covered Conservation International’s Nature Is Speaking campaign, a social media marketing campaign that challenged the environmental community to help Conservation International (CI) raise $1 million. The goal of the campaign was to have online supporters use the #NatureIsSpeaking hashtag 1 million times, and upon reaching said milestone, HP pledged to donate $1 million to CI.

With the support of their online community, Conservation International happily announced today that they have reached, and surpassed, their goal. As a result, HP will be contributing $1 million to CI, the majority of which will go towards HP and CI’s partnership program, HP Earth Insights. This milestone has led the company to dubbing #NatureIsSpeaking the ‘million dollar hashtag.’

Read more from Conservation International on how the ‘Million Dollar Hashtag’ Milestone Will Help CI and HP Listen to Tropical Forests. You can also learn more in the below thank you video from Conservation International.

Watch one of the original videos from the Nature Is Speaking campaign below, featuring the voice of Julia Roberts as Mother Nature.

Visit Nature Is Speaking to watch the other films, including Harrison Ford voicing the Ocean, Kevin Spacey as the voice of the Rainforest and more.

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