The Carbon Neutral Future

09-11-15 | Featured News

Is a carbon neutral future attainable? Yes!

Believe it or not, we can have a future with net zero greenhouse gas emissions. The time to take action, however, is now and not years down the road. According to the World Bank Group, it is conceivable that we will be able to achieve a decarbonized society by 2100. Although this may be past our lifetimes, there are already new generations that may live to see these plans for a carbon free future come to fruition. Making changes now will make all the difference when it comes to climate change.

However, this cannot be achieved simply by hoping it will happen. In the report, ‘Decarbonizing Development: Three Steps to a Zero Carbon Future,’ the development bank wrote: “The key to feasibility is affordability, and affordability requires early action.” Building a decarbonized future requires strategy and, as the World Bank Group presented in their report, these three key steps:

  1. A plan for the long term
  2. Getting prices and policies right in our present
  3. A smooth economic transition

Explore these three steps in today’s feature infographic…


(Infographic via Corporate Knights)