Saskatchewan’s Clean Coal Plant

03-06-15 | Featured News, Industry News & Events

SaskPower’s Boundary Dam Carbon Capture project is said to be exceeding expectations.

As many of you may already know, last October saw the opening of the world’s first commercial-scale clean coal plant. The Boundary Dam Integrated Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Project is the flagship CCS project of SaskPower and, since the announcement of its opening, has caught the attention of many countries worldwide. For example, the project has been listed among National Geographic’s 10 Energy Breakthroughs of 2014 That Could Change Your Life and was named “Project of the Year” in the coal category by Power Engineering and Renewable Energy World Magazines.

SaskPower has stated that the plant will provide environmental benefits and results, such as enough power for 100,000 Saskatchewan homes, a 90% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions, and the ability to capture enough CO2 every year to equal the same amount of carbon dioxide you would save by removing 250,000 cars from the roads. The captured carbon dioxide will either be used for enhanced oil recovery or permanently stored underground.

Learn more about the project in the below video.

What Now?

The plant has opened and the project is now well underway but how is it doing? Just last month, SaskPower released CCS performance data announcing the success of the project so far. The data suggests that Boundary Dam is exceeding expectations, however, critics are still skeptical. Read Carbon capture system works, SaskPower says from CBC News for more information.

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